Direct Options Style Guide

Initial Site Redesign and Detailed Specifications

Web Design, Branding, Style Guide, Production

Direct Options needed their website reimagined in about one month. That included content creation, design, and development. We agreed to design the site in such a way that it could be updated to be fully responsive, but for the initial deadline it would remain desktop-only.
While the copy was being created, I developed the look and feel for the rebrand. I delivered three design directions for the home page. From there, I revised the chosen design and started on the internal pages. I kept the internal pages very simple as I was not sure of the content.
I had about a week from the time copy was finalized until the hand-off to the developer. He had two weeks for development, so I delivered the most detailed style guide I could. A sampling of those specifications is shown below.
We are getting ready to kick off phase 2 of the site redesign. I'm excited to take this site to the next level by making it fully responsive and by being able to carefully craft the internal pages.
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